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Budget Flights To Singapore

Today we arrive in Singapore. It is the third time we have been there. Way back in the spring this year Norwegian Air emailed its customers to announce their new flight route starting in October from London Gatwick to Changi, Singapore.  I took advantage of the fantastic deals they were offering. We booked the flights the same day. Our deal for £779.00 ($1036.00) includes one checked in bag and both of our return tickets! Checking on Norwegian Air today there are flights still available from £179.00 each way for the next six months.

Norwegian Airlines

In February we flew with Norwegian for the first time from London to LA. For a budget airline, the experience was efficient and pleasant. If you are on a long haul flight I personally don’t think it makes much difference whether you are given a hot towel et cetera during the flight. Depending on how tall you are (I am only 5’3′) I know leg space can be a huge issue. I do not consider Norwegian to be any less comfortable than other more expensive airlines. If you are tall you may want to consider  comfort when booking your flight.

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Pitfalls In Booking Your Flight

Sometimes when booking flights you can end up paying more than you would have going with another airline. This applies to Norwegian’s great deals too. I am not keen on any aeroplane food and Lyla NEVER eats her meals, so I decided on our last flight not to include meals. Even though we have a 12hr flight, I have not booked meals for this flight. Meals on Norwegian Low Cost for a long haul flight are £25 each. Both ways that would add another £100 to our budget! Considering neither of us are keen on those meals this is not a meaningful way for me to spend my money. That £100 went towards our spending money rather than four meals.

How To Avoid The Extra Meal Costs

The way to get around this is to bring food with you. Usually you have to take the food out of your hand luggage at security for them to scan. For this trip I made a few vegetarian sushi rolls, packed some crisps, and extra snacks. and we purchased our drinks in the departure lounge at Gatwick. It is worth checking before you leave what the regulations are in regards to food. Flying out of the UK food is ok, as long as there are no sauces or liquids involved. I spent just over £10 on organic, fresh, healthy food for our outbound trip, saving myself £40 just on our outbound flights.

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Saving On Checked Luggage Charges

We are in Singapore for ten days. Even if we were there for longer it is a warm country, so packing clothes shouldn’t take up too much room. I have booked for one checked in bag for £40. You can save a lot of money by packing what you’ll actually need, rather than what you think you’ll need. If any of you are following my minimalist series you’ll know already about my references to being mindful about your purchases. You can apply similar principles when packing. On this occasion it will save you money too.  If you are travelling to somewhere cold where you will need more layers, this tip might not work. I suggest you make a pile the clothes you think you’ll need a few days before departure, then right before you go see if you can reduce it.

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Be Deliberate When Planning A Trip

Instead of booking a flight and just adding on all the extras ‘just in case’ you’ll need them, think about whether you actually will. You can potentially save yourself hundreds of pounds every time which can go towards the next trip, or spending money. Most of what we pack we don’t use. think about what you wear day to day at home in similar temperatures (if possible) and pack that, no more, no less.

For more information read my tips on travelling with children and on searching for cheap flights.

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